Archers of loaf discography

Singles/Compilation Songs (Released from 1991-1997):

  • Wrong/South Carolina (Stay Free, 1992)

  • The Loaf's Revenge (contains Web in Front/Bathroom/Tatyana) (Alias, 1993)

  • Powerwalker (from A Day in the Park compilation, 1994)

  • The Results After the Loaf's Revenge (contains What Did You Expect?/Ethel Merman) (Merge, 1994)

  • Telepathic Traffic/Angel Scraper split with Monsterland, (Radiopaque, 1994)

  • Funnelhead/Quinnbeast split with Treepeople, (Sonic Bubblegum, 1994)

  • Big Joe and Phantom 309 (a cover of Tom Waits covering a Red Sovine song from Step Right Up: The Songs Of Tom Waits, 1995)

  • Harnessed in Slums/Telepathic Traffic/Don't Believe the Good News (Alias, 1995)

  • Mutes in the Steeple/Smoking Pot in the Hot City (Esther, 1995)

  • Mark Price, PI (from The Lounge Ax Defense and Relocation CD, 1996)

  • Vocal Shrapnel/Density (Alias, 1996)

  • Jive Kata/Slowworm (live) (Alias, 1997)

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