08/16/16 -- Greensboro, NC -- Living Room Show (sold out)

08/17/16 -- Richmond, VA -- Living Room Show (sold out)

08/18/16 -- Washington, DC -- Living Room Show (sold out)

08/19/16 -- Cleveland, OH -- Living Room Show

08/20/16 -- Columbus, OH -- Living Room Show (sold out)

08/21/16 -- Lexington, KY -- Living Room Show

08/22/16 -- Brevard, NC -- Living Room Show

Undertow Music is helping Me book a living room tour FOR OCTOBER 2016. Click here to see the dates and to inquire about being a host.

Also, Merge Records has reissued both Crooked Fingers S/T and Bring On The Snakes. Both are available on vinyl for the first time, and come with a download that includes previously unreleased bonus material/demos.

To order Crooked Fingers S/T  vinyl, go here.

To download Crooked Fingers S/T, go here.

Bring on the Snakes on vinyl is sold out.

To download Bring on the Snakes, go here.

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